Privacy policy

Updated on 13/02/2019

This data protection notice is about the collection and processing of your data with by the use of the DGolf application.

1. Data security

To ensure the security of your data, all your data is stored on your mobile. On your device, your data is encrypted by the operating system when your device is locked.

Access to our servers is supervised and restricted to authorized personnel.

2. Permissions requested by the application

We will ask you for permission to access to your phone location to use the DGolf GPS feature.

We will ask you for permission to access to your phone’s camera and photos.

All data collected in this way is only used for the reasons described in this data privacy policy notice. We only collect the necessary data to pursue the described.

2.1. location

We access to your rental data when the application is launched and when you start or resume a game. We use this data to calculate your distance from your greens and obstacles.

You can stop it at any time by finishing the game or closing the application.

The DGolf app can only use your location if you have allowed it. You can get this authorization at any time by the device settings. If you want to use your data, you will not be able to calculate the distance between you and greens and obstacles.

2.1. Camera

When creating your profile, you can add a photo using your camera to take a new photo, or by selecting a photo from your photo library. The DGolf app can use your camera or access your photo library only if you have allowed it. You can take off this authorization at any time via the device settings. If you take off your permission, you will  not be able to change your profile picture.

3. Data collected when using the DGolf app

3.1. Data related to golf practice

The data you fill in your profile (Photo, Name, First Name, Index, Gender, Tee) are stored locally on your device. They will not be shared or visible on our servers.

4. Third parties involved in the processing of certain data

4.1 Services

We use Firebase, Apple’s iTunes Connect for iOS. We use these services to evolve our application. We send information about the use of the application:

– Crash detection

– Error codes

– Execution context information in case of crash or exception

– View on which the error occurred

– Phone type

– Type and version of operating system

– contacts:



4.2 Other providers

Some authorized service providers may have access to the data stored on our servers, in the case of interventions:

– On the storage and hosting infrastructure

– For the development and maintenance of our application and website

Your data may be used in the context of an obligation or authorization in accordance with the European General Data Protection Act.

5. Obtaining, correcting and deleting personal data

None of your personal data is stored on our servers.

6. Update this privacy policy

Depending on the application evolutions and legislation, we reserve the right to change this policy if the changes don’t require your agreement. Otherwise, we will let you know and we will ask you for your consent to maintain access to the DGolf application.

7. Responsibility for data protection

The data collected by the application are processed by Dcod SAS company registered in France.

You can contact us at the following address:

Dcod SAS may share its legal responsibility with the third parties listed in article 4.2